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Whilst the main focus of your catering equipment budget is inevitably prime cooking and refrigeration, it is easy to forget that two thirds of your commercial kitchen will be made up of fabricated items such as prep benches, sink units, infill benches, hot cupboards, shelves and racking.


We can provide a complete range of custom made stainless steel benches:

  • Manufactured in 1.2 mm, 1.6mm, or 2.00mm gauge stainless steel

  • Manufactured from either AS304, or AS316 marine grade stainless

  • No matter what size or shape we can customise to suit your area

  • Any application from commercial kitchen & bars , educational training projects or medical applications

  • 3 year warranty on all custom made Austmont branded benches

  • AutoCAD plans and shop drawings re manufacture are provided


For Quality and Strength look for the Austmont Stamp on your Stainless Steel Benches.


Save the hassle of measuring, ordering, delivery and assembly then making it fit, you're the expert in food catering, leave it to Austmont, the experts in stainless steel.


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