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Austmont continue to provide specialty stainless steel for medical, health care and scientific applications. Austmont manufacture some unique and standard items for specific purposes in this area such as:

Blanket Warming
blanket warmer stainless steel sydney melbourne brisbane

Austmont have manufactured custom made blanket warming cabinets since 1984 and are used throughout all departments in both public and private hospitals in Australia. The Austmont custom made blanket warmers are also being used in physiotherapists and massage centres across Australia.

Built to last, we construct our blanket warmers from a welded stainless steel frame and panelling, fully insulated, thermostatically controlled and fitted with electronic temperature controls. They include stainless steel perforated shelves, cable and plug for 240V/AC and have adjustable feet for levelling or mounted on plate castors with foot brakes.

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mortuary trolley.jpg

Austmont have been manufacturing a custom made, high quality and functional stainless steel mortuary equipment for public hospitals, mortuaries, forensic pathology institutions, university anatomical and histology departments, funeral parlours and pathology laboratories.

Not only are the items designed and constructed in durable AS304 grade stainless steel, but the high quality welding, polishing of all corners and crevice’s makes for easy cleaning and sanitisation.

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In addition to Austmont’s mortuary tables & trolleys, we can custom manufacture body racks and trays. Designed and fabricated to your exact needs, we can manufacture these to suit your existing equipment or your specific requirements.

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Austmont have manufactured custom made stainless steel, basic solution and specimen cabinets for scientific purposes, medical applications and pharmaceutical customers. Designed to your requirements and built to last, we have manufactured them to be built into walls or free standing, single door or two-way, stainless steel doors or double glazed glass doors.

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The dirty utility room in hospitals and aged care facilities provides a space for the decontamination and storage of bedpans, urinals and bowls, testing and disposal of patient specimens, disposal of clinical and other wastes, cleaning and holding of used equipment for collection.

An important area for sanitation and ensuring no contamination passes to other areas of the healthcare facility; stainless steel is the perfect material to use in this area. Our custom made wet edge benches and conical flushing sinks are found through-out hospitals, aged  care and health care facilities across Australia.

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Mortuary Table
Body racks
solution specimen cupboards
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