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Pastry Display


There is an art and science to producing custom displays that are heated, cooled or ambient.


Not only do these cabinets need to look good, but they need to function to specification. Austmont design and manufacture some of the most exciting new technology refrigeration systems available.


Our units are designed and manufactured right here in Australia, ensuring they work in the harshest conditions. The bespoke cabinets are often front and centre of your customers eyes and aesthetically, Austmont are unmatched in some of the cabinets we have manufactured.

We have developed systems for some of the World’s leading brands like Hilton, Guylian chocolates and more.

Be it a buffet, wine fridge, grab ‘n’ go unit, pastry displays, gelato cabinets or display fridges we’ve got you covered. We have mastered several unique features:


This enables us to avoid costly cold air loss by reticulating the airstream meaning we’re not trying to refrigerate the entire room, just the product

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Our custom solutions include the option to humidify the airstream meaning we don’t dry out food.

It’s a little-known fact that cold air dries out food faster than hot.

By adding moisture to the cold airstream we not only improve transfer of cold to the food product ensuring it lasts longer we also don’t dry it out as quickly meaning your customers get a better quality product that can often be held for longer.

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We incorporate several different stages of cooling in our buffets meaning we can utilise very flat decks and still keep tall product cold.

When dealing with buffets you are always trying to make the food look the most appealing.

This is often difficult as the best way to do that is in a very flat well, however as cold air “sinks” the best way to keep it cold is in a deep well, but that is not very aesthetically pleasing.

We’ve solved this issue by using a unique triple stage cooling.

Firstly, we chill the deck to provide “contact” cooling on the bottom of the dish, we then reticulate cold air over the product which gives us a “pillow” of cold air over the product which does most of the “heavy lifting” and then finally we blow could air up ad out of the gantry which gives us a bell-shaped column of cold air over the product which envelopes tall products keeping them cold, fresh and appealing.

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Through our expertise in airflow management we are able to do away with unsightly rear perforated panels and finish the unit in whatever material you like for that sleek look.

Generally to chill a Grab ‘n’ Go or upright cabinets you need to have a large unsightly perforated panel at the back which blows cold air out over each shelf.

By incorporating our reticulation technology and our unique understanding of airflow management we blow cold air out of the underside of each shelf at the front and draw it back in at the rear.

This means we can have a solid rear panel in whatever finish you want, keeps the cold air in the cabinet reducing energy consumption and ensuring the product stays fresher for longer – a win all around!

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Because we design and manufacture the units we can make virtually any shape and size as well as utilise a myriad of materials like S/S Rimex, Stone, Brass, Copper etc. Let your imagination run

We don’t subcontract out our design, production or testing, it’s done in house meaning we can basically produce anything you want and ensure it works even in the harshest of conditions.

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Multistage cooling
Airflow Management
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