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At Austmont we provide a highly efficient and professional kitchen design and planning service, working closely with you to produce the optimum layout for your new bar or commercial kitchen.

Commercial kitchen design is a cooperative process between our professional staff and the client. From the initial meeting with our sales staff the client's needs and vision are translated into exciting reality using industry standard CAD design software, while always checking the design meets the customer's aspirations.


Ideally, commercial kitchens should be designed according to the menu envisaged.


This will allow proper equipment selection and spacing.


There are three prime considerations that dictate commercial kitchen design:

  • Service requirement: Consider the service the kitchen has to provide - for instance, the numbers being served, is it a lá carte menu, plated service, self-service, cafeteria-style, etc?

  • Space available: Is the space allocated sufficient to fit in the equipment required?

  • Budget: Always have an accurate idea of spend available.

With our industry knowledge and in-depth expertise of commercial catering equipment, we will swiftly establish the perfect solution and kitchen design for your site with realistic proposals that can be readily accommodated in your pre-set budget.

​At Austmont we offer all our clients the complete commercial kitchen design service delivered within budget and on time.

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